“Dovah korah nistmaar atumun do lund, lokom kiindah do lein. Ahrk wo los til wah dilah voth niin? suleyk do niist viing ahrk jusk los vild voknau fos zoor los wahlaan, ahrk niist onikaan los miizun do pah wo nahwan atum Celestia. Ahrk tul, nust lost neh, piraan lein fah niist meyar, lost neh drun rax ahrk jusk wah kodaav voknau daar wo ahrot ko niist lein. Ahrk ko stiildus us strun, praan do lein lost naram zokah ahrk , nok piraan wah himdah ahrk tet ol to nust vis gevild niin mahfaeraak. Nust lost wahlaan lohiim ahrk fron voth fariik mal faas fah bah do dovah. Ahrk nust lost hind, tol truk tol vos mii korah vokorasaal ko kraaz do dahrin naal nunon fus do fen. Ahrk tol truk tol kren vortii vokren waan krent. Faal Dovah lost kriist rigir ahrk koriaan nust lost vos lein kah ahrk suleyk ahrk hind. Nuz nii los viiz. Faal Dovah fund ni kos munax wah kuz lein fah niist meyar, nii lost unstiid kosaan niist fah ofaal. Wah vos lein korah hahvothzuk tol, ko vahzen, los faal Thur do Dovah.” – Freyja, Faal Lokzii do Dinok

“Dragons believe themselves the apex of nature, the height creation of the world.And who is there to argue with them? The power of their wings and talons is the rock upon which legends are built, and their wisdom is the envy of all who dwell below Celestia. And yet, they have never, claimed the world for their own, have never brought tooth and claw to bear upon those who impose in their world. They have watched and they have waited. And in the calm before the storm, the rest of the world has grown proud and haughty, laying claim to lands and title as though they can hold them forever. They have raised towns and kin with precious little fear for the wrath of dragons. And they have hope, that thing that lets us believe the impossible in spite of reason by only force of will. And that thing that shatters beyond repair if broken. The Dragons have stood back and observed; they have allowed the world pride and power and hope. But it is dust. The Dragons would not be cruel to take the world for their own, it has always been theirs for the taking. To let the world believe otherwise: that, in truth, is the Tyranny of Dragons.” – Freyja, The Angel of Death

Welcome, Adventurer!

Before you explore this volume further, there are a few points that would benefit from clarification.

First, Dragnarok is not a campaign in its own right. More accurately, it is a point of convergence for multiple different adventures across numerous planes and thousands of years. The characters and events detailed here reflect three continuous campaigns, other games (I’ll get to that momentarily) and a total of more than a dozen player characters. This results in a large quantity of characters, wiki articles, and other information that ties into Dragnarok. For ease of searching, the three main campaigns are listed below:
The Lance of Marduk: An adventuring company operating in the Nentir Vale on Midgard. This was the first campaign to begin, and its DM is also the player of Amrek of Penketh.
[Insert Company Name Here]: A group of adventurers on the outer plane of Eberron. This was the second campaign to begin, and its DM is also the player of Bjorn Torgnür.
[Insert Company Name Here]: Another group from the Nentire Vale, this was the third campaign to begin, and its DM is also the player of Phenex Bat-Laylah.

Secondly, you may find that some of the historical events in the wiki seem extremely detailed and thorough, and that the characters involved in such events appear in the character list, even if the player characters never interact with them. This is because these events are not merely facts to be referenced in history knowledge checks (however they are often used in exactly that way); but rather one-shot games that were actually played when a normal session could not occur or during an important historical event when a DM decides that the players would benefit greatly from watching history unfold in person. For clarity’s sake, I will make an effort to tag each such wiki article and character from these games as [Historical]

Finally, the campaigns and adventures that contribute to Dragnarok all began near the time that D&D 5th Edition was released. As a result, two of the three core campaigns and many of the one-shots use the 4th Edition mechanics, while the third campaign and other one-shots use 5th Edition. This is noted merely to clear up any confusion that may occur when reading character statistics or character actions that do not appear to fit within 4th Edition.


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